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Contact center service fulfillment by IndiGO! El Salvador

  • Are you a customer that wants to offer high quality call center services to spanish speaking customers in the US Canada or throughout Latin America?.
  • You are an account that wants to provide services at substantial savings to the USA, Mexico or Costa Rica but don’t know the ins and outs of how to do it in El Salvador?.
  • You manage an account (or accounts) for one of the traditional large call centers and want to make more for yourself by servicing your account(s) personally?.
  • You have the relationship with the account(s) and want to make more of the money for yourself?.
  • You have the money to get it started, but don’t have the time or expertise to set up everything you need to get it going?.
  • You know how to make it work – you just need someone to handle the business and legal requirements you don’t want to deal with.

What you need is someone with the understanding of what has to be done to run a company and be in compliance, handle payroll, taxes, legal issues and the basic infrastructure needed to make your dream of building your future business on your own happen. That is where Indigo comes in. We are an accredited entity with all Government licensing in compliance, experienced in the industry with multiple accounts in the last 3 years, we provide the safety and security of an escrow entity to manage the relationships between the client, the account broker, the government entities and their dues (i.e., taxes, payroll taxes, medicare, retirement, etc.). Detailed accounting and accountability every step and cycle for the operation and its funding.

We offer you our corporate credibility and ability to get started now – not in the 6 months it will take you to start from scratch. What we provide is:

Seat leasing

  • Plug & Play ready, bring your Company/ Structure & Campaign.
  • Does not include Dialer

Fully costed seat leasing

  • Concentrate 100% on your production/ campaign, let US handle and keep you compliant on all else: Payroll, contracts, dismissals, taxes, employee retirement and medircare, etc.
  • Bring your Dialer.
NearShore Img

Nearshore success

  • 5 hour flight from LAX- Half day trip anywhere USA.
  • US Dollar is our local currency- Compare apples to financial apples.
  • Geographical advantage concentrates skilled bilingual talent in our modern capital, San Salvador.

Trusted escrow company

  • ROI Security Escrow
  • USA Presence: Parent Company Indigo Associates Ltd. a NV USA Company.
  • Government compliant and Licensed for International Services/ Banking.

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“Failure to acquire knowledge may result in negative consequences. Request a quote from us today! Benefit from our proven model that has driven our success for several years and can now be leveraged to boost your company’s achievements.”

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Indigo El Salvador: A novel and superior approach to outsourcing
With a wealth of industry experience, we bring a seasoned perspective to the table.

Do it for yourself BUT NOT by yourself!

At INDIGO, we take pride in our unique approach, from our hiring process to our work culture. We prioritize our staff's well-being and strive for a people-driven, people-oriented, and culturally relevant model. Our team members benefit from our neutralized Spanish accent, top-notch English proficiency, and concentration of bilingual human resources in one area due to the compact size of our country. Notably, we use the US dollar as our currency, making it easier for our clients to do business with us. When it comes to nearshore benefits, El Salvador stands out as a prime location. Our country is just a five-hour flight from LAX, with an average English proficiency of 75%, similar culture, and matching time zones. This proximity ensures easy communication, happier customers, and smooth interactions with cultural relevancy. Our tech talent is abundant, and local US currency costs make us a highly competitive option when comparing dollar for dollar. Located on the Pacific coast of Central America, El Salvador is a land of vast potential, eager to offer bilingual services to US and North/South American Spanish-speaking consumers. Our centers are situated in the heart of the financial district in the city and capital, as well as in Ilopango, San Salvador. Both locations are within close proximity to the World Trade Center, Crowne Plaza Hotel and Conventions, shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment.

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Team Leads, Team Captains, Supervisors, Work Force Manager, Chief Operation, Human Resources, IT all that you need with international standards.


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Live Reports of how your business is doing.

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We have the best experts to elevate your business to the next level, try is and you will see!


Ask, there are alot of scams out there, ``Cheap services arent good, and good services arent cheap`` learn the added value of working with a reputable, established company with USA presence/ corporation


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Why choose Us


3 hr flight from FL, 5hrs from LAX, ease of access, no visa hassle, come and check out your operations without crossing the globe in a 26 hr trip.


4 years in our current facility, over 45 years of combined Call Center experience amongst the core team.

Redundant Internet

24/7 IT Support, video surveillance, firewalls/ Sonic walls, PCI compliant. You name it, we’ve got you covered… Disaster recovery plan? We thought and got that too!

Co-working space for call center entrepreneurs

Don’t get stuck with lengthy leases, internet contracts, labor law complications… let our infrastructure work for you. Our legal and HR staff are here to ensure you are compliant with all, so that you are 100% concentrating on your production.

Clients and investors

Sales, Support, Service accounts tenure for years… Outbound sales? Try us!

Redundant firewalls

Never go without connection or energy, we offer you, what’s worked for us for years.

Out Technology

Fiber optic internet, redundancy with seamless layover, power plant and contingency plan in place to keep you producing.

Our people

We thrive on being different from our hiring process to our very own work culture. We simply care about the way our staff feels about coming to work, our energy and model is people driven, people oriented and culturally relevant.
We boast a very neutralized Spanish accent and top English proficiency level by comparison to the entire region, our geographic dimensions (known as the midget of the Americas) allows the city to concentrate the bilingual human resource in one general area. Another plus to doing business in El Salvador? Our currency is the US Dollar!

Our experience

sales, support and customer service, tenure nearly 4 years in the market, see what our people say about us on FB

Our Experts

Meet Our Awesome & Hard working People

  • CEO & President

    Jose Rodriguez


    • Language & Development- RL

      Francisco Marroquin

      Language & Development- RL

      • General Accountant

        Alfredo Aguilar

        General Accountant

        • Vice President of Information Technology

          Guillermo Colato

          VP IT